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Coeliac UK

Finally the penny appears to have dropped that coeliac disease is so much more than an ‘annoying allergy’ or ‘brush off’ food intolerance.

One only has to see how much time, space and energy the major and independent food retailers are now dedicating to quality ‘free from’ offerings, to understand that this is a food sector where chewing unsavoury pellets, wood shavings or gloopy stodge style offerings is no longer deemed desirable or acceptable. Much of ‘free from’ food sector’s highly successful ‘growing up’ phase can be traced back to the steely stewardship and ambitious goals of Coeliac UK, who are seen by all sides as a fantastic force for raising awareness and enthusiasm for this often sidelined medical condition.

This is why our recently repackaged ‘free from’ cereals are so proud to display the charity’s unmistakable ‘gluten free’ emblem.