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About Nature's Path

Our Background

Our Story

Born back in 1985, Nature’s Path is a proud, independently-owned family- owned business with an unflinching commitment to involving, organic-only recipes made from enthusiastically rooting around nature’s abundant larder to unearth the finest available ancient grains, fruit and nuts.

Arran Stephens our founder became inspired, growing up on an ‘ahead of its time’ organic fruit farm that stood resolutely by his father’s founding belief that we should always ‘leave the earth better than we found it.’

Arran’s life journey has taken many intriguing twists and turns over the years including India and ultimately Vancouver, where he and his wife, Ratana, would launch Nature’s Path whilst becoming vocal pioneers for a fledgling organic foods movement.

Today Nature’s Path remains an ambitious safe haven from big corporate ‘cutting corners’ thinking. Recipes are assembled on the simple, non-negotiable notion of what works best as opposed to price and is increasingly inspired by a growing number of highly respected superfoods like chia, flax, hemp and ancient grains.