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About Nature's Path

Gluten Free

Much has changed since we first began pioneering ‘free-from’ cereals back in 1985. Today there is a much wider understanding and appreciation for the hardships faced by coeliacs of all ages.

Thankfully today the phrase ‘free-from’ is no longer greeted with confused looks or uneasy smiles. Bespoke food and drink fixtures are popping up here, there and everywhere whilst a well-drilled Coeliac UK charity is working tirelessly to educate an increasingly receptive public.

Gluten free is no longer a quirky niche category confined to the fringes. It’s a sector that both retail and manufacturers sit up and take very seriously. The days of manufacturers bolting a half-hearted ‘free-from’ option on to the end of their existing portfolio are long gone. These days there’s a new breed of ‘free-from’ specialist producer who’s making fantastic strides with regards putting great taste at the top of the agenda.

In short gluten-free is far more than a claim on a box, for many it’s the only way to eat. This is why we champion a reassuringly wholesome portfolio of deliciously distinct and nutritious cereals made from an eclectic gathering of great tasting grains, cereals and fruit.

At Nature’s Path we’ve always believed that ‘free-from’ needn’t mean taste-free which is why we’re dedicated to constant range innovation and evolution and to never losing sight of the fact that our reputation is built around producing exceptional cereals that often include delicious yet often overlooked ancient grains.

We pride ourselves on setting extremely high standards of food production by using state-of-the-art production facilities that are geared specifically around unstinting product quality and consumer safety.