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About Nature's Path

Just For Kids

It’s a popular myth that coeliac disease is an older person’s ailment that only affects the over 50’s. Today’s vastly improved and speedier diagnosis shows that people of all ages are potentially susceptible to this diet-related illness.

At Nature’s Path we’ve always made it a top priority to create some specific kid centric cereals and on-the-go bars with truly mainstream appeal.

Working alongside Coeliac UK members we’ve learnt that many young children feel very strongly about not appearing isolated or marginalised at the breakfast table, especially in front of friends and family. This after all is an age when fitting in is more important than standing out, which is why many children simply crave flavour profiles and packaging with all-round appeal.

Our latest addition, Choco Munch is recognition that within every range it’s always nice to have at least one offering with a slightly more indulgent edge, because taste buds must never ever be taken for granted.