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About Nature's Path

Why Free From?

In today’s more open-minded age when the phrase ‘free from’ is no longer greeted with confused looks or uneasy smiles, it’s reassuring to know that Nature’s Path champions a reassuringly wholesome range of deliciously distinct and nutritious cereals made from an eclectic gathering of great tasting grains and seeds sourced from both near and far.

As the UK’s market leader in ‘free from’ cereals, Nature’s Path knows the importance of supporting the rising taste aspirations of this increasingly influential and vocal minority.

It wasn’t so long ago that numerous ‘big boy’ producers chose not to get involved in such ‘minority interests.’ Elsewhere a small clutch of shadowy operators used ‘free from’ as a cynical opportunity to not only to employ cheap, inferior ingredients but also to charge a hefty premium.

Today ‘free from’ has grown up into one of the most influential and fastest growing food categories in the UK, thanks in no small part to the fantastic work of the ‘all seeing’ Coeliac UK.