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Nobbly Knees

Posted by Nature's Path on April 29th, 2014 under We Think

Bring Back Kobbly Knees!!

From 2009-11 Nature's Path was the proud sponsor of the World Worm Charming Championships as we celebrated the essential, if often unheralded work that the world's worm community does  keeping our planet's soils nice and fertile.

In 2014, with summer just around the corner, we decided that the time was ripe to resuscitate the Great British institution that was the Nobbly Knees contest.  Butlin’s may well done everything in their power to nobble wonky knees in a world where body image and airbrushed celebrities are infuriatingly the norm, but we, as a vocal exponent of ‘as nature intended thinking,’  believe it's only right and proper that those of us our with less streamline legs should also have some  airtime to showcase our less  aerodynamic appendages.

Naturally it's only fitting that such an award should be sponsored by our Nice & Nobbly granolas and snacking bars.

So without any further ado why not roll up  your trousers (or skirt!) take a pic and be in with a shout to win £500. 


This competition is now closed ( winner's announcement  coming soon!)

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