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Corporate Sustainability

Corporate Sustainability

As our co-founder, Arran Stephens, likes to say: “Nature’s Path is committed to the three ‘Ps’: people, planet and profit”.

To us, success in business is only achieved by first being socially responsible and environmentally sustainable and then financially viable. One can’t exist without the other, and every year we strive to make it further down the path of corporate sustainability. To help us on this journey, in 2008 we signed the Sustainable Food Trade Association’s declaration of sustainability and we've been using their guidelines to chart our course ever since. Here are some of the things we’ve achieved so far:



Eat Well Do Good

  • The Nature’s Path annual foodraiser has team members spend a day to raise food and funds for local food banks. Thanks to our generous supporters and volunteers, to date we’ve raised more than $1,300,000 worth of food for the Vancouver, BC, Bellingham, WA and Sussex, WI food banks.


  • Another food bank give-back program, for every bag of Love Crunch granola sold, we donate the equivalent in cash and organic food to the food bank, up to $1 million a year.

1% for the Planet

  • Through our partnership with 1% for the Planet, 1% of sales from all EnviroKidz products are donated to nonprofits that support endangered species, habitat restoration, and environmental education for kids worldwide. To date, we have raised over $3 million to help our partners with their conservation efforts.

Gardens for Good

  • Our annual Gardens for Good grant program encourages others to provide accessible, healthy, organic food to their communities, which are often in low-income urban areas or food deserts where people struggle to find affordable, nutritious food. Each year, we award three $15,000 grants to deserving nonprofits with organic garden projects in Canada and the United States.

A Culture of Giving Back

  • Since our founding in 1985, we have donated millions of dollars in our organic products, a share of our profits and part of our team members’ time to causes around the world. Nature’s Path Foods is committed to donating $2 million in food, cash and in-kind support each year to those causes.

A Culture of Always Improving

  • At Nature’s Path, we work to empower team members to take ownership of sustainability and local volunteering initiatives and recognize individuals who do so



Zero Waste

  • Achieved the Zero-Waste certification in all 3 of our manufacturing facilities
  • Diverted 92% of our waste from landfills (over 3,800 tons per year) in 2014 and 2015

Water Conservation

  • Support organic farming, which in turn promotes watershed protection and also reduces the water needed to grow crops.
  • Use cleaning agents approved by organic food productions standards, meaning dangerous persistent chemicals are not being added to our water

Climate Neutral

  • Continually reduce the use of electricity, paperboard, and CO2 emissions per ton of product produced
  • Purchase Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) that support green energy products and projects in the US

Growing Organic

  • Purchase exclusively certified USDA Organic and Canada Organic ingredients. This means that everything we put into our delicious products is third-party certified through a government regulated program
  • Keep over 38,500 tons of chemical fertilizers and over 7,500 tons of pesticides out of the soil in 2014 and 2015

The entire Nature’s Path family is committed to a sustainable future for people and the planet. We welcome your feedback and any ideas on how we can continue to improve our processes in order to leave the earth better than we found it.


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