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Salted Caramel, Peanut and Chocolate Baskets

Created by Vicki Montague
Found in: Spring

Salted Caramel, Peanut and Chocolate Baskets
Makes 12




For the baskets:

  • 6g demerera or other brown sugar
  • 10g dairy-free margarine
  • 2 ½ tbsp syrup
  • 1-2 tsp smooth peanut butter (depending on how peanutty you want it!)
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • 100g Nature's Path Crispy Rice
  • 12 muffin cases and a muffin tray

For the filling:

  • 100g cashew nuts, soaked in water for at least 4 hours
  • 3 tbsp water
  • 100g dark dairy-free chocolate, broken into squares
  • ½ – 1 tbsp honey (more if you like really sweet things)


  1. Start by covering the cashew nuts in water and leaving them covered in a cool place for at least 4 hours (easier to leave overnight).
  2. Once the nut soaking time is over, place the sugar, syrup, peanut butter and margarine into a medium sized saucepan over a low heat and stir until melted together.  Remove from the heat and add the crispies.  Stir to combine.
  3. Line a muffin tray with muffin cases.
  4. Place about a tablespoonful of mixture into a muffin case, and using a teaspoon move the mixture up the sides and base of the case leaving a hole in the middle for the chocolate filling.  Do one at a time so that the mixture remains soft enough to mould each time.  Once done place in the fridge to set.
  5. To make the filling, drain the cashews then place them in a food processor or similar machine along with 3 tbsp water and process until very smooth.  This could take anywhere up to 10 minutes depending on your machine.  You want it as creamy as possible.  Scrape down the sides regularly.
  6. Place the chocolate and honey in a small microwavable bowl and heat on high power for 30 seconds.  Stir until melted.  Alternatively, melt in a saucepan over a very low heat.
  7. Stir the chocolate mixture into the cashew mixture and then place a teaspoonful into the centre of each of your baskets.
  8. Add dairy-free chocolate eggs, a sprinkling of icing sugar or cocoa and serve.  These will keep for a day or two in an airtight container in a cool place (or the fridge).


Created by Vicki Montague. See more of her recipes at The Free From Fairy.